Let’s talk about the advantages of the strip cutting machine:
1. The cutting speed can be adjusted at different speeds for different fabrics.
2. The cutting board of this machine is equipped with a special air flotation blowing device, which can reduce the weight of the cut piece and the resistance formed by the cutting board, make the piece easy to move, and cut small pieces more accurately.
3. Equipped with a hair hook removing device to eliminate the hair hooks of the cutting knife after the sharpening device is completed, so that the cutting knife is as sharp as new.
4. The roller is made of wear-resistant rubber material, which makes the cutter easy to fix and does not deviate from the serpentine shape, thereby extending the life of the cutter.
5. The replacement of the cutting knife is very simple, ordinary people can change it, and the knife sharpening device is attached, which can always keep the cutting knife as sharp as new.
6. Safety instructions (the warning light will be on as soon as the power is turned on, which means that the user is notified that the power has been turned on to ensure safety).

The above are the advantages of the strip cutting machine, I hope to help you!

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