Seat belts are indispensable in the production of automotive products. Seat belts and ropes must be made of nylon, vinylon, and silk. Scalper leather can be used for electrician fences. Common carbon steel or aluminum alloy steel is used for metal fittings. The cover of the rope is made of leather, light belt, vinylon or rubber. These materials are in roll shape before actual application, and our company has special seat belt cutting models for cutting seat belts of different thicknesses and different toughness. There are direct electric heating belt cutting machines and air pressure whole soup. Cutting tape cutting machine, different materials for different applications. The amount of seat belts is quite large
Microcomputer tape cutting machine (cold cutting type, hot cutting type)
This machine is suitable for cutting to size of hook and loop tape, cotton tape, elastic tape, plastic zipper, casing, paper, flat cable, small wire, plastic belt, safety belt, PP belt, nylon belt, braided belt, etc.
Applicable industries: luggage and handbag factory, webbing and rope factory, electronics factory, FPc manufacturer, insulation material coil manufacturer, almost suitable for all rolled materials, and sheet semi-cutting work

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