Automatic wire terminal crimping machine is an indispensable equipment for processing all kinds of wires and cables. It is a high-end technical product of multi-function machine for cutting aggregates and feeding materials, stripping, crimping together, humanization and intellectualization. There is hardly any manual work in the operation process, but there will also be faults. We summarizes the three most common faults in the operation process of automatic wire terminal crimping machine for you:

  1. The length of stripping opening is different:
    There are many common reasons for different openings, such as too tight or loose wire feeding wheels; at this time, you only need to adjust the gap between the two wheels with a fine-tuning roller, so that the wire does not flatten and skid too loosely. If the cutter cuts too shallowly or too deep, then we use the cutter depth adjuster to adjust the knife edge to the appropriate position, so as not to hurt the copper wire and can smoothly peel off the rubber. If the opening is different, replace the new blade directly.
  2. Copper wire strenched out of terminal and uneven while crimping:
    Check whether the gun-type swing arm conduit is attached to the wire rod; whether the knife edge of the wire crimping machine is relatively straight with the swing arm conduit; whether the auxiliary pressing block of the wire crimping machine is loose; check whether the distance between the wire crimping machine and the automation has changed.
  3. Terminals can not start or stop in operation:
    Can not start or stop in operation, first of all, we must check whether there is no current input and 6KG air pressure, as well as whether there is wireless material or a certain part of the operation jammed; and check whether there is signal connection or power connection to the wire crimping machine and lead to the wire crimping machine not crimped.
  4. The cut-off length of the electronic wire of the terminal machine is different:
    It may be that the cutting edge is worn or the cutting edge is worn; it’s easy to replace a new cutting tool when you encounter such a problem. It may also be that the feeder wheel is too tight or too loose; at this time, we can adjust the gap between the two wheels with the roller fine-tuning parts so that the wire is not flattened or too loose and slippery.

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