1) intake manifold access gas source 4.5-7kg/cm2
2) Power cord plug into a 220V 50Hz supply
3) step on pedal to run cylinder
4) double-knives model basic usage is ibid consistent, design for primary wire cutting and stripping. Should pay attention to the following points:

a) without adding gasket, the gap between cutter and stripper is 1.5mm
b) add or less gasket should be careful of uniform thickness of up and down to avoid die  collision damage.
c) add or less gasket in accordance with stripping length, such as, install a pair of 1.5mm gaskets for stripping at 3.0mm, so 1.5 +1.5 = 3.0mm
d) stripping longer, removal away cutter, you can use single knife, stripping length is controlled by gear block.

5. Debug well,lock the medial headless screw, trail main cylinder is bracing wire cylinder. stroke adjust nut is for cylinder stroke, forward this nut to shorten stroke (such for half-stripping), rear to prolong stroke.Strippping adjust well and fix the nut. The front and back two air valves in the cylinder is respective for stripping adjust. Returning speed should be moderate for normal use.

6. two trimming nuts are operation keys: Loosen the headless screw in the middle of nuts,  nut 1 control upper clamp block up and down, nut 2 control knife die up and down, to suit diffirent thickness wire, turn up the nut (counterclockwise ) is tight, turn down (clockwise) is loose.

Application of pneumatic cable stripper
1. Pneumatic operation, magnetic valve control.
2. Short distance between knife and clip holder, easy process computer cable or ultra short wire.
3. High spped for wire end partial stripping, full stripping.

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