Take you to understand the tape cutting machine. The belt loop cutter is composed of a cutter and a knife frame. The knife frame is installed on a base. Its innovation is: a symmetrical vertical mounting plate is fixed on the base. A frame-shaped tool holder is movably installed between the vertical guides. The top of the tool holder is horizontally fixed with a cutting knife. The bottom of the tool holder is driven by a cam mechanism driven by the first stepping motor to achieve vertical rise and fall. A horizontal cutting platform is fixedly installed, and a feeding roller driven by a second stepping motor is installed on the upper surface of the cutting platform. The first stepping motor and the second stepping motor are controlled by the control line and installed on the base. The device is connected. The invention has compact structure, small space occupied by the whole machine, scientific and reasonable design, the tool post and the feed roller are controlled and driven by the controller through a stepping motor, the whole machine has high automation degree, high processing efficiency, high precision, and simple operation. An automatic tape cutting machine with high innovation.
Suitable for: luggage, leather goods, footwear, electronics, rope belts, electronics industry, auto and motorcycle parts industry, electrical appliances, motors,
Lamps, toys, transformers, clothing, stationery and other industries. Such as: casing, cable, copper and aluminum wire, colored belt, magic belt, webbing,
Safety belts, PP belts, nylon belts, hook and loop belts, cotton yarn belts, elastic belts, plastic belts, zippers, sleeves, paper, cables, small wires,
Cut to length of sheet metal and other materials.
A It adopts high-performance microcomputer English control system, high-sensitivity touch operation panel, liquid crystal display, and the model design conforms to ergonomic principles, easy to operate and durable.
B The power is fed by a high torque stepping motor with high precision. The cutting length, quantity and speed can be set freely.
The C cutter can be attached with a heating device, which can heat and consolidate the cut of the braided belt without producing burrs, high precision and low loss.

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