RG6 coax cable stripping machine is specialized in processing 5G coaxial cable

Due to the advent of 5g era, coaxial cable stripping has also become a popular wire harness processing machine recently. Since coaxial cable is generally used in high frequency communication, and general wire cutting stripping machine can only strip single layer insulation, therefore this equipment has obvious advantages. 1: Before operation 1. Before operation, operators should strictly follow the operation guidelines of such machines and equipment, and make registration records. 2. Confirm that the cutting tool is in good condition, and make [...]

basic operation method of 3F pneumatic cable stripping machine

Operation method of 3F pneumatic cable stripping machine: 1, the air inlet pipe connecting the air supply 4.5-7kg/ 2 cm 2, the power cord plug into the 220V 50Hz power supply 3, the foot switch to make the cylinder action 4, as shown in Figure two, trimming operation key: loosen the nut in middle of headless screw,nut 1 control upper clamp block up and bottom; nut 2 control knife mold up and bottom, with different thickness of wire, the nut turn up (counterclockwise) is [...]

Tell us about the basic structure of 3FN pneumatic core wire stripper twister

3FN pneumatic wire stripper twister  is professional designed and manufactured wire processing equipment for all kinds of electronic wire and double wire with wire twisting stripping function. This utility model has the advantages of low labor cost, high working efficiency, and small and practical effect. 3FN pneumatic wire stripper twister structure: including frame,template, template; template is respectively arranged on the upper and lower knife and wire clamping block,the upper and lower knife seat is connected through a guide column,a frame template are [...]

Do you know how many basic application and adjust methods of pneumatic cable stripping machine?

Do you know how many basic application and adjust methods of pneumatic cable stripping machine? Adjust methods of pneumatic cable stripping machine 1, connect air inlet pipe with air supply 4.5-7kg/sq.cm. 2, plug power cord  into 220V 50Hz power supply. 3, foot switch to make the cylinder action. 4, the use of double-cutters model is basically same as above, design for the wire cutting and stripping in one time. Need to pay attention to the following points: A) without gasket, the gap between cutter and stripping [...]

Feature For Pneumatic Core Wire Stripper Twister

LL-3FN feature for pneumatic core wire stripper twister included rack, up and down templates, each equipped with a stripping knife on both templates and clamp block; up and down knife holders connection through the guide column, templates on the rack fitted with two cylinders, respectively control stripping knife and clamp block, there is a controlled stripping cylinder after the rack,there is a small tooth block that twisting apparatus designed opposite to the vertical knife holder, equipped with pinions alongside [...]

Basic application for pneumatic cable stripper

1) intake manifold access gas source 4.5-7kg/cm2 2) Power cord plug into a 220V 50Hz supply 3) step on pedal to run cylinder 4) double-knives model basic usage is ibid consistent, design for primary wire cutting and stripping. Should pay attention to the following points: a) without adding gasket, the gap between cutter and stripper is 1.5mm b) add or less gasket should be careful of uniform thickness of up and down to avoid die  collision damage. c) add or less gasket in accordance with [...]

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