What is the difference between ordinary terminal machine and automatic terminal machine

In today’s society, compared with ordinary terminal machine products, why are fully automatic terminating machines more favored by the majority of enterprises? The key reason is that the intelligent design of the fully automatic terminating machine is more, the function of the fully automatic terminating machine is more improved than the traditional terminal machine, the stability is stronger, the use is more concise and convenient, the work efficiency is greatly improved than the ordinary terminal machine, in modern industrial manufacturing, the [...]

Operation process of automatic cutter stripper wire crimpers

1. Turn on the power switch of the automatic cutter stripper wire crimpers, and the power indicator is on. 2. Pay attention to whether there is obvious abnormal noise inside and outside the machine. If yes, immediately stop working, ask the maintenance personnel to determine whether it is necessary to repair. 3. Applicator selection and installation: it is necessary to compare whether the selected blade is matched or not before installing the applicator. The tool can be loaded only after the [...]

Troubleshooting of automatic terminal rail feeding wire crimping machine

  The possible factors of terminal rail feed not working are as follows: 1. Lack of power supply voltage. 2. The connecting wire between the terminal rail feed and the controller is cracked. 3. The fuse of the controller is blown out. 4. The coil is burnt out. 5. The space between coil and framework is too small or too large. 6. Some parts are stuck between the coil and the frame. 7. The terminal rail feed is against hard objects, and the top plate or chassis [...]

How to select fully automatic wire crimper

There are many types, models and specifications of fully automatic wire crimper. According to the basic functions, fully automatic wire cutting stripping twisting tin dipping machines can be divided into: automatic wire tin dipping machine, double-ends wire twisting crimping tin dipping machine, automatic pvc twin wire crimping tin dipping machine. According to the customer’s requirements, we can customize this automatic equipment for you. If there are special requirements, multiple wires can be processed at the same time, and parts [...]

How to choose the brand of wire crimping machine

With the development of science and technology and the expansion of wire harness processing market demand, more and more automatic wire stripper and crimping machine brands are available. But the question is which brand is better? The following editor will introduce how to choose the brand of automatic wire crimping machine. 1. Is it in line with the production demand Automatic wire stripper and crimping machines are also divided into many models. Different manufacturers of terminal machines may have their own [...]

Applicator adjustment of automatic wire stripper crimper for crimping small wire

Due to COVID-19 in the first half of the year, the world economy has been greatly disturbed. But here, we hope that you can take care of your own safety and health, and strengthen the epidemic prevention work. No matter how bad the social economy is, there is no priority for health and safety. The content is also far away. The following editor will give you a detailed explanation of applicator adjustment method steps of automatic wire stripper crimper [...]

operation of fully automatic pvc twin wire crimping machine

In recent years, fully automatic pvc twin wire crimping machine has been warmly welcomed by the majority of manufacturers in wire harness processing industry . It integrates a variety of processing functions. It saves a lot of manpower cost and improves production efficiency. So let’s take a look at what we should pay attention to today. 1. Is the power supply or air pressure normal The voltage and air pressure of fully automatic pvc twin wire crimping machine are commonly used, [...]

Maintenance method of fully automatic wire stripper crimping machine

When choosing the fully automatic wire stripper crimping machine, we should not only care about the price, but also think about the long-term use. If the price is at the same level and the service life of the fully automatic wire stripper crimping machine is longer, we will definitely choose the one that can produce more profits for the company. It can also reduce the number of equipment changes. It has to be said that this can save the [...]

How to distinguish an automatic wire stripper and crimping machine

How to distinguish an automatic wire stripper and crimping machine, we can judge it from the following aspects: 1. All changes do not depart from their ancestors. First of all, look at the configuration. If a machine with poor configuration, the performance will be no better off. Most of the time, the trouble is a screw with bad quality to make working break down. Therefore, we must not save money in configuration. The automatic wire stripper and crimping machine we [...]

Poor contact of wire terminal crimping machine?

Analysis of poor contact problem of wire terminal crimping machine: For machines, poor contact has always been one of the main causes of failure, ranging from small size like mobile phones to big one like computers, wire terminal crimping machines, or aviation equipment and etc. In fact, this is also some common factors, such as processing size beyond tolerance, unreasonable heat treatment and electroplating surface treatment technology, poor storage environment, improper operation, etc., as mentioned above, it may cause bad [...]

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