Next, we will share with you the maintenance methods that often occur in the daily practical use of this automated velcro tape cutter.
1. The cutter keeps cutting, how to deal with no feeding?
(1) Whether the materials are used up, please replace with new materials.
(2) Check whether the material is loaded or the pressure plate falls into the groove.
(3) If everything is normal, check whether the travel switch is stuck and does not bounce back.

2. The length of the cut material varies, what’s the problem?
(1) Slow down the feeding speed
(2) Relax the stop plate
(3) Distribution belt machine auxiliary feeding when necessary

3. Cut more than two at the same time, but the length of the two cuts is different
Adjust whether the spring pressure on both sides is the same.

4. The machine does not work by pressing the start button
Check the length and whether the quantity is set.

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