The quality of welding head is very important for the use of automatic cutting stripping wire tin dip soldering machine. The problems of different models of welding head or welding head after wear will have a great impact on the tin output and solder accuracy of the soldering machine.

The common problems and solutions of soldering iron head are as follows:

I. oxidation gap

Cause: because the soldering iron is in high temperature environment when it is used, the metal part will become vulnerable under high temperature environment. If the protective layer of the knife face is too thin or there is bubble carbonization inside, it will cause perforation due to wear when it is used.

Improvement method: if the temperature of soldering iron is properly reduced, its service life can be prolonged, but considering the welding speed and quality, this method can not be used. The supplier can only be informed to jointly study whether the material can be improved to improve the high temperature resistance. The following points should be paid attention to when using the soldering iron head for the first time: heat the soldering iron to a reddish state, i.e. the state that the soldering tin can be immediately adhered. Tin Early soldering iron head is easy to curl in use, not easy to weld. Too much will produce oxide, not tin. When tin is applied, all the parts to be welded shall be tinned, otherwise, the non tinned part of the welding area will be oxidized, because there is no protective layer in the welding area, and the residual tin will not be oxidized or even pierced after sticking. If there is any dirt, it should be wiped with a wet sponge. Do not knock the iron frame with a soldering iron.

II. Wear and deformation

Cause: because the soldering iron has been used in high temperature environment for a long time, the friction between the soldering iron head and the weldment results in the edge thinning and curling.

Improvement method: since the soldering iron is damaged in natural use, there is no effect to improve from the soldering iron maintenance. Only the supplier can be required to change the material to enhance its wear-resistant strength.

III. slight deformation

Cause: caused by natural wear during use.

Improvement method: after verification, this kind of iron head does not affect the normal use, can be reused, and can be used in the position with less requirements such as the welding antenna with a slight severity, so as to improve the utilization rate of the iron head.

Four. Overflow tin

Cause: the protective layer of the non welding area of the soldering iron head falls off, causing the solder to run to the non welding area, which is easy to connect the solder and is not easy to weld. The supplier is required to ensure that the protective layer in the non welding area does not fall off under high temperature when making the soldering iron head.

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