Wire stripping machine is a kind of machine which can strip the insulation of wire. Due to the different wire diameter, material and composition, there are different suitable models. Wire stripping machine is the most widely used machine in the mechanical industry. People are relying on various mechanical automation in many places. Here are some common problems of automatic cutting stripping and  wire tin dip soldering machine:

A. wire insulation crush

1. Properly adjust the gap between the incoming transmission wheel and the outgoing transmission wheel.

2. Contact the manufacturer and replace the transmission wheel.

B. thread cannot be peeled off


1. Check the cutting depth of the wire, and adjust the wire diameter to be smaller.

2. Whether the clearance of the incoming transmission wheel is too large, so as to adjust the clearance of the incoming transmission wheel.

3. Whether the stripping head setting is greater than 2mm.

4. Whether the incoming pipe has stolen goods.

5. The setting of tool withdrawal is too large, which needs to be reduced properly.

C. the core is cut

1. Increase the wire diameter until it is appropriate.

2. If the wire skin is very thin and cannot be peeled when the wire diameter is adjusted, the tool withdrawal value can be reduced appropriately.

D. the actual line length is greater than or equal to the set line length

1. The clearance of the incoming transmission wheel is too large, and the wire head may not be peeled off. Adjust the incoming clearance adjustment wheel and increase the pressure.

2. Check if there is any stolen goods in the incoming pipe and clean them properly.

3. Properly adjust the pressure of the incoming transmission wheel.

E. the actual line length is less than or equal to the set line length.

1. The wire itself is of different thickness.

2. If the rolling wheel has stolen goods, it needs to be cleaned. Or there is wax on the surface of the wire, which causes the transmission wheel of the incoming and outgoing lines to slip.

3. Take out the outgoing line, set the program to run empty, and check whether the incoming and outgoing line wheels rotate flexibly or are stuck.

4. The pay off rack is stuck, which causes the input line to slip.

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