No power supply
1 Check whether the power plug is powered
2 Check whether the power fuse is disconnected There is power, but it cannot be started, and the knife can cut without feeding.

Check whether the feeder motor and the feeder drive are off.
1. Properly adjust the screws of the guide rail pressing plate. Note (902L)
2. The manual cutter adjustment function is adopted to align the upper knife and the lower knife and keep them level. Note: If

The level is not maintained, you need to loosen the screw to adjust the above treatment method is not good, you must consider sharpening or changing the knife. Note (902L)
3. Adjust the cutting knife speed and knife temperature. Note (902R)
4. Check whether the lower knife is worn or not, if worn, replace it.

Note (902R) The cut length is different from the set value. Each length is the same, but it is different from the set value.

This is a normal phenomenon. Because different materials have different flexibility, the actual length can be achieved through length compensation. : If you need to cut 115MM, set 115MM and start cutting, but the actual length of each cut is 113MM, then set the length, such as 117MM or 118MM, and then cut the material to check whether it meets the actual length of 115MM.

1. Loosen the clamping plate and minimize its resistance. If the belt is too heavy, consider spreading it out and cutting it, and slow down the feeding speed, or use a belt conveyor to feed the material.
2. The feeding roller is worn or the timing belt pulley is loose
3. If the computer control panel is subject to electromagnetic interference, stay away from the source of the interference. There is electric current when the hand touches the equipment. When installing the equipment of this machine, the user must equip the electric shock-proof leakage switch. The three-pin socket must be grounded to ensure the safe and normal operation of the machine.

The feeding motor can rotate but the knife does not cut

1. There is a lot of dust on the photoelectric sensor. At this time, clean the dust on the photoelectric sensor.
2. The transmission gear is worn out, and the change gear should be replaced at this time.
3. The tape cutting motor is burned out, and the tape cutting motor must be replaced at this time. The knife can cut and the feeding motor does not rotate
1. The fuse of the feeding motor is burned out. Replace the fuse at this time. Note (The fuse is not more than 5A)
2. The internal temperature of the machine is too high, and the thermostat protects the drive to stop the drive. At this time, it needs to be shut down to cool down or work in a lower temperature environment.

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