Automatic wire cut strip twist tinning machine, three-dimensional and all-round adjustment, so that the soldering iron and solder wire do not need the hands of operator, it completely replaces your hands, the arm can be adjusted to any position you want to weld. What is the basic knowledge of the editor?
  • Automatic tin delivery system: you only need to step on the foot switch, and the solder wire will extend to the soldering iron head automatically, at a fixed speed and in a fixed quantity.
  • Temperature: the manual digital temperature setting is adopted, and the automatic constant temperature control mode is clear at a glance.
  • Highly reliable metal anti-static mode design makes welding sensitive components safer. It is light and flexible, does not occupy space, temperature, tin delivery speed, tin point size can be adjusted. Easy to operate, the novice is proficient in two hours, which can save 50% manpower.
For health, please use environmentally friendly lead-free tin wire. Especially suitable for all kinds of electronic connectors, LED light string, video and audio cable plug, headphone cable, computer data cable, small circuit board and small electronic components in the middle of the beam welding and docking. Can you operate the automatic wire tinning machine? What should we pay attention to during operation?
  • Check whether the machine parts are loose and whether the pneumatic components are air leakage.
  • Test run the machine and check whether it operates normally and whether there is abnormal sound.
  • Turn on the power supply and check whether the power indication is normal and whether the machine leaks electricity.
  • Confirm whether the cut wire is consistent with the specified in the operation instruction.
  • Wire feed wheel lifting knob: when threading the wire stripper, lift the wire feed wheel, turn the knob clockwise to lift the wire feed wheel, so that it can pass through the wire smoothly; when working, lower the wire feed wheel, turn the knob anticlockwise to lower the wire feed wheel, and press the wire.
  • Adjusting knob for clearance of outgoing line pulley: to adjust clearance of outgoing line pulley for wire stripper, increase the turning clearance upward and decrease the turning clearance downward according to the thickness of wire rod.

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