What is the problem with the automated strip cutting machine faulty knife that cutting cannot stop? How to solve it

1. Check whether the circuit connecting the motor is short-circuited.
2. There is a problem after startup. Check whether the sensor at the connecting rod is normal.
3. Check whether the solid state relay or capacitor is damaged.
4. Check whether the touch screen setting quantity, batch and other data are correct or whether the key setting data is correct.
5. Don’t worry about the problem, we can help you solve the problem together.
Our automated strip cutter has few failures, long service life, simple operation, high cutting precision, can cut a variety of materials, automatic feeding and automatic alarm after cutting. This strip cutting machine still requires customers to pay attention to related operations and matters during use, so as to extend the machine life cycle and reduce or avoid machine failures. Our computerized hot & cold strip cutting machine products are sold domestically and overseas and are a reliable strategic partner.

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