This automatic wire terminal crimping machine will have a great impact when it is working,so as to ensure the safety of the staff,it is necessary to master the correct operation method and pay special attention to it in the use process.Compared with general wire terminal crimping machine,the performance of fully automatic wire terminal crimping machine may be more perfect.Although automation can be achieved,some basicoperation methods still need to be mastered.

When using automatic wire terminal crimping machine,first turn on the power switch,the indicator light will be on.If not,there may be a fault.At this time,detailed maintenance is needed.After starting the power supply,don’t rush to start work.First of all,we need to pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise inside the machine.If there is abnormal vibration and noise,we should stop immediately and then carry out maintenance.

It is also cruicial to select and install knives for automatic terminal machines,staff members must have working expirences.Before installing knives, they should also determine whether they are matched,and then start installing knives.After installing knives,adjustments and checks should be made.

In the process of using automatic wire terminal crimping machine,we also need to pay attention to a lot of problems.In order to ensure safety, we should not cut off the power at will,but also pay attention to our own life safety.We should not easily touch the dangerous parts of automatic wire terminal crimping machine with our fingers or other parts.It is also very important to master the maintenance method of automatic wire terminal crimping machine.Only by doing the basic maintenance work well,can the use time of automatic wire terminal crimping machine be prolonged effectively.

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