All kinds of electrical appliances used in our life include cars and aerospace, wiring harness is the main part of the success of commodities, and different wiring harness will be used in the development of each commodity. As the wiring harness processing equipment, computerized wire stripping machineand wire crimping machine are particularly important in the manufacture of wiring harness. If you want to understand the processing technology of wiring harness, you must understand theperformance of the computerized wire stripping machine and wire crimping machine.

The manufacturer of wire crimping machine introduces some functions of computerized wire stripping machine are as follows:

  1. Computerzied wire stripping machine is a kind of electronic wire processing equipment applied on the wires whose gauge are within 50 square meters. It can cut 15 meters in cutting, stripping length can reach 120 mm, AWG32-AWG14 wire can be processed arbitrarily, won’t damage copper wire, accuracy can be adjusted freely within 2 meters, without error, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and ensuring the accuracy of wire processing.
  2. Cable wire stripping machine is a processing equipment used for large square cable, which is widely used in elevator and car industry; it guarantees the safety of wire rods in these commodities. In pursuit of advanced technology, wire stripping machine solves the problem of different length and gauge of wire rods. It adopts computer control, key operation, LCD display, four-wheel drive, wide stripping range and wide application and suit for majority of customers;

Wire crimping machine function:

 Wire crimping machine is a kind of machine used in wire processing. It can crimp the metal terminal to the wire end, and then do conduction. The riveted terminals of the wire crimping machine are usually designed to connect more conveniently. Without welding, the two wires can be stably connected together, and only need to be pulled out when disassembling.

So it is very important to choose suitable equipment. It not only reduces the loss of wire, but also saves time and labor. In the current era of automation, computerized wire stripping machine and wire crimping machine provide us with a lot of convenience.

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