1.) multifunctional high-speed computerized wire stripping machine is a high-speed wire harness automatic cutting off,both-ends stripping, one end strip and partial stripping machine.

2.) the use of servo motor control cutting, peeling and other actions becomes more accurate.

3.) the length of the transformation and full stripping, semi stripping using key settings, simple and fast.

4.) the change of stripping length and incision adopt fine-tuning rotation mode, simple and fast.

5.) computerized wire stripping machine speed can be divided into five sections, according to the configuration of wire material specification, the thick and thin wires can be stable processing.

6.) the detection standard has lower air pressure, cylinder motor stuck abnormality, consistent counting display function, abnormal shutdown automatically, and the detection displayed on the man-machine interface, convenient and rapid troubleshooting, to minimize downtime.

7.) the best features are adjustment of less technical, less press wire, short adjustment time, easy to operate.

8.) can be matched with wire separation machine, the completion of wire separation, cutting and stripping action, improve production efficiency.

9.) computerized wire stripping machine can process 600mm wire,50pcs per minute is 1 out of 2 a pneumatic wire stripper more than 4 times.

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