Do you know how many basic application and adjust methods of pneumatic cable stripping machine?

Adjust methods of pneumatic cable stripping machine

1, connect air inlet pipe with air supply 4.5-7kg/

2, plug power cord  into 220V 50Hz power supply.

3, foot switch to make the cylinder action.

4, the use of double-cutters model is basically same as above, design for the wire cutting and stripping in one time.

Need to pay attention to the following points:

A) without gasket, the gap between cutter and stripping blade is 1.5mm.

B) increase or decrease gasket should pay attention to the upper and lower thickness must be compatible in case collision and damage of cutter.

C) according to the length of wire stripping to increase or decrease gasket , such as peeling 3.0mm, put on a pair of 1.5mm gasket, that is 1.5+1.5=3.0mm.

D) cutter will be removed for stripping longer, you can use a single knife, peeling length is decided by block.

5, debugging well then lock tight the headless screws in the medium, tail master cylinder is wire pulling cylinder,stroke adjusting nut is used for adjusting cylinder stroke, forward is shorter stroke (such as half stripping) , back is longer. wire stripping adjust well then fix nut lock. The two regulating valves before and after the cylinder are respectively for adjusting stripping speed of return, the speed should be moderate to normal use.

6, two fine nuts is the operation key: screw loosen middle headless, nut 1 controls upper clamp blocks up and down, nut 2 controls knife mold up and down, handling with different size of wires, screw nut upward (counterclockwise) is tight, downward (clockwise) is loose.

Application of pneumatic cable stripping machine

1. this machine is operated by air , solenoid valve controlled.

2. the distance between knife and clamping seat is short, so that the computer  cable or the special short wire is easy to be handled.

3. the general treatment of partial stripping, fully stripping is fast.

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