The computer automatic cold and hot strip cutting machine has the following characteristics:
1. The machine tool is made of imported high-quality steel after special treatment. The cut surface is flat during hot cutting, and the hot knife can heat seal the cut surface of various chemical fiber webbing at high temperature, and the seal is flat and free of burrs. There is no need to heat the edge-sealing material, and it can be cut directly without heating. The cold cut surface is smooth and flat.

2. This machine adopts microcomputer numerical control device. It can automatically cut all kinds of tubular, ribbon and strip materials. The product is simple and practical, saving a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.
3. It is equipped with imported high-quality color-tracking electric eyes, which can locate and cut the electric eyes specifically for trademark materials with high accuracy. It can cut all materials that need to be positioned and cut according to the marking line.

4. According to the nature of the material, a pre-delivery system can be configured. Make the cutting more precise.
The computer trademark belt cold and hot cutting machine is suitable for cutting the following materials: trademark belt, logo, washing water mark, washing water mark, trademark elastic band, non-slip elastic band, printed webbing, webbing with identification thread, jacquard belt, jacquard elastic band, Braided belts, nylon webbing, ribbons, ribbons, ribbons, backpack belts, seat belts, elastic belts, leather belts, elastic bands, underwear belts, bra belts, organza belts, schoolbag belts, luggage belts, craft gift belts, snow Yarn belt, satin belt, rope belt, mother-and-child belt, horse spring belt, colored belt, sofa belt, knitted belt, shoulder belt, shoe lace, sealing tape, plastic belt, rubber rope, elastic rope, wax rope, cotton Rope, round rope, mobile phone rope, needle through rope, hollow rope, round rubber band, computer cable, flat cable, PVC sleeve, heat shrinkable tube, yellow wax tube, battery sleeve, PVC tube, infusion tube, silicone tube , And other cutting processing.
The computer trademark belt cold and hot cutting machine is widely used in the electronics industry, clothing industry, automobile and motorcycle parts industry, electrical appliances, motors, toys, handicrafts manufacturing, embroidery industry, handicrafts, shoe making, luggage and other industries.


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