Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine Wire Crimping Procedures

3.1  Full Automatic Wire Crimping machine examination before switch on:

3.1.1 check each switch is unwounded.
3.1.2 Check the electrical installations are normal (power supply: 220V, Pressure :3.5-6.5 Pure)
3.1.3 Inject lubricating oil to sliding parts, clean the machine and make the maintenance records.

3.2 Full automated wire crimping machine operation steps:

3.2.1 Place the plugged terminals on the bench ready for crimping.
3.2.2 Put Semi-finished plastic down, metal terminal strip up, placed terminals to feeding board.
3.2.3 Switch on, machine crimp the terminals and break off the strip. First crimp 3-5PGS and installed them with clean holder.
3.2.4 Send the crimped items for testing to acknowlege the finished product meets specifications, included scratch plastic, crush terminal, crook PIN or not.
3.2.5 above normal operation, switch on the power. Operator continuously add semi-finished products, machine crimping the terminals and break off the strip.

3.3 Operation Tips:

3.3.1 Crimping terminal job please follow with operation procedure.
3.3.2 Do not put your hand into crimping tool and don’t put other objects on fixture, keep the fixture clean.
3.3.3 Any abnormal situation should be shut down immediately, review any operation fault, Immediately notify maintenance personnel to repair if machine fault.
4 full automatic wire pin terminals crimping machine maintaineance:
4.1 prior to the operation please make sure power plug firmly,air source connector has no air leaks. Shutdown please switch off.
4.2 Before every operation, inject lubricanting oil to sliding parts and kept fixture clean.
4.3 Clear up machine and don’t be in mess before operator on duty or off duty.

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