Shenzhen Fortune Sky Technology Co.,Ltd tell you the fully automatic wire terminating machine operating procedures

3.1 Checking fully automatic wire terminating machine before its start :

3.1.1 check whether the switch is good.

3.1.2 check the electrical device is normal (Power: 220V, air pressure: 3.5-6.5 pure)

3.1.3 Lubricate in the sliding part, clean the machine and keep maintenance records

3.2 fully automatic terminal crimping machine operation steps:

3.2.1 place semi-finished products that inserted into the terminal on the table to be pressed.

3.2.2 will be stamping semi-finished plastic down, metal terminal material belt up.

3.2.3 open the power supply start switch, the machine will be fed for stamping and broken material belt. First press the 3-5PGS and install it in a clean container.

3.2.4 will be sent to the first inspection of good products, to confirm whether the finished product specifications. There are no scratches, no plastic crushing, no crooked PIN terminal.

3.2.5 more than the normal operation, the power switch on the start. Operator to join the semi-finished products, the machine automatically feed and return to the stamping and broken material belt.

3.3 Pay Attentions:

3.3.1 pressure terminal operation according to the operating procedures.

3.3.2 do not put the hand into the fixture and put any other objects on the fixture, keep the cleaning, cleaning.

3.3.3 abnormal situation should immediately stop, check whether there is any operation error, if the machine is faulty.

fully automatic wire terminating machine maintenance tips:

4.1 operation must be confirmed before the plug has been plugged in, no gas leakage at the interface. Switch off electrical switch after shutdown.

4.2 add lubricating oil to the sliding parts before each shift and keep it clean.

4.3 every day, around the machine will work items neatly. Don’t shake it.

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