1. Functional characteristics:
1. High speed: 100-120 pcs can be cut per minute. (Take 50mm length as an example)
2. High precision: each cut is monitored by a stepping motor to ensure the high precision of each operation.
3. Smooth cut surface: The hot knife can heat seal the cut surface of colored ribbons and thin textile tapes at high temperature, and the sealing is smooth and free of burrs.
4. The blade is made of imported high-quality steel and has a long service life.
5. Automatic operation: Just set the cutting length and quantity you need, and the rest of the work is done automatically.
6. Automatic pause: Once the material is used up, it will automatically stop working. The buzzer automatically alarms.
7. Memory function: before the switch is turned off, the cut length, cut quantity and cut speed of the set value are automatically stored.
8. Fully automatic cutting, simple operation, wide application range, high cutting quality, cold and hot knife can cut.
9. The material can be cut off. Computer cutting machine
2. Applicable industries.
This machine is suitable for cutting color belts, textile belts, webbing belts, nylon belts, zippers, safety belts, Velcro, backpack belts, elastic belts, cloth labels, etc.
Applicable industries: handbags, luggage, clothing, electronics, shoes, gifts and other industries.

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