With the development of science and technology and the expansion of wire harness processing market demand, more and more automatic wire stripper and crimping machine brands are available. But the question is which brand is better? The following editor will introduce how to choose the brand of automatic wire crimping machine.

1. Is it in line with the production demand

Automatic wire stripper and crimping machines are also divided into many models. Different manufacturers of terminal machines may have their own brands, and they may have their own good or main products. For example, we are mainly focus on high degree of automation. Typical ones are fully automatic wire cutting stripping twisting crimping tin dipping wearing PCB housing machine, which are fast, efficient and multi-functional. And some terminal machine manufacturers produce semi-automatic terminal machines in batch, which is cheap, but can complete less processes.

2. The price is within the budget

As a wire harness manufacturer in the manufacturing industry, the operation cost of the enterprise is strictly controlled. When purchasing large-scale equipment, they will think twice and give a rough budget. If it exceeds the budget, it is often difficult to accept. Then we need to know how much a full-automatic wire crimping machine costs. In this way, after comparing several manufacturers, we will first delete some terminal machine manufacturers with the price, and continue to compare them within the scope.

In a word, according to our actual needs, we should choose the brand of automatic wire stripper and crimping machine suitable for our factory.

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