Benchtop wire terminator crimping machine is developed with modern frequency converter control technology, which is aimed at common terminal applicator crimping at home and abroad. It is suitable for crimping various terminals and wires. Digital control, safety protection system and simple operation realize the accuracy, strength and safety that the machine can not reach. It makes the terminal machine operate supermutely, and the frequency converter itself can save 30% of electricity, plus the super mute wire crimping machine is working one time and energize one time, to avoid unnecessary idling of the motor, and to save more power when used. Without noise, workers are more attentive to their work, which greatly improves their work efficiency. This is the preferred equipment for wire end processing.

Benchtop wire terminator crimping machine is a kind of high-speed automatic wire harness pressing terminal device, the fuselage structure is lightweight, compared with other terminals, the operation sound is smaller, more power-saving. It is very suitable for many domestic high-yield manufacturers to purchase and use. The machine has stable quality, beautiful appearance, elegance and easy operation. This selling wire crimping machine in the terminal market is in great demand and very useful.

1. Confirm the wire nail instructions and the terminal/die to confirm whether it meets the requirements.
2. Start the super mute wire crimping machine and stop the machine according to its operation condition, blade matching, fix the mould and adjust the blade.
3. Install the toolbox with the super- mute wire crimping machine and clamp it with fixture. At this time, use manual tool adjustment to move the slider of the super-silent terminal machine to the bottom dead point, tighten the screw of the tool, adjust the appropriate position of the tool, and then tighten it. At this time, pay attention to the pressure of pressing, and pay attention to the combination of the upper tool and the lower tool, so as to avoid the deviation of the tool from left to right.
4. Try to crimp terminals and wires, according to their crimping conditions, and then make tension test. If it fails to meet the technical requirements, adjust the pressure screw on the super mute wire crimping machine to meet the requirements and lock it.
5. Manual pressure test is used to avoid collision of knives when crimping. Electric operation is used to check whether there is unusual noise or impact sound in the wire crimping machine and applicator, and to check the feeding device and its stroke of the knife blade.
6. After no abnormal idling, 2-3pcs can be produced only after crimping the first inspection and pulling force test.
7. Holding wire and feeding wire in the left hand, feeding and positioning with the right hand, placing the wire mouth on the lower blade and close to the top of the terminal, and stepping on the foot switch on the right foot to separate the clutch mouth, after the clutch mouth is separated, the super mute wire crimping machine drives the applicator and blade to press down the connection and terminal, thus completing the action;
8. Press the “Spare” button on the terminal panel for 4-8 seconds and the program number D001 appears. Press the combination of “Zero” (up) and “Auto/Manu” (shift) to set the program number to D112, press “Spare” (confirm), display “1” (number of connecting terminals), press “Zero” (up) or “Star” (down) to the number of terminals to be hit, and then press “Spare”.
Mute wire crimping machine refers to a kind of machine used in wire processing. It can press the hardware head to the wire end. Then do conduction, mute wire crimping machine typed out of the terminal is usually to connect more convenient, without welding can be stable to connect the two wires together, and when disassembly only need to pull it out.

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