The clamp of IDC connector crimping machine is adjustable, there are two kinds of specifications, the one with 1.0 maximum spacing can crimp 64P, the one with 1.27 maximum spacing can crimp 50P, 1.0 or 1.27 spacing fixture will be sent with machine at ramdon, if two specifications of fixtures both needed, pay USD100 in addition.

Characteristic description:

1 for the 8P-64P IDC connector crimping machine take place of hand pliers, output of high efficiency, stable quality and simple operation.

2 minimum gas consumption, low failure rate, easy maintenance.

3 with bakelite base use, simple operation, abrasion resistance, high precision.

4 suitable for crimping cable with IDC products.

5 automatic crimping the product which is feeded in, finalization and the cylinder reset, easy to operate.

6 according to the product type can be pressed 300-600 times per hour.

7 addopt 6-8kg pressure, 220V power supply

8 the body all the use of steel for operation, solid and durable, external chrome, beautiful without rust 9 Distribution a set of bakelite crimping adjustable block 8-40P (OEM is acceptable.)


1 power switch: ON said on the opening of the press, OFF said the closing press Power supply 220V/50hz/60hz

2 time relay: digital display is large, said the press time is long, and the number of small press time is short, according to production needs, the choice of time, the average number is 2-3

3 all the terminals into the carriage, and mobilize, about the junket, terminals and cable positioning.

4 hand push board, which touch on the micro switch, the cylinder, the next trip, can be pulled out

Safety Precautions:

1 manual carriage, must be outside of moulding die , then put terminal/connector and flat cable.

2 drive carriage, the carriage must push on both sides by hand, confirm the die can not hurt hands

3 if the machine can not be normal use, please check the time, the relay and solenoid valve.

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