According to statistics, in mechanical factories, accidents caused by machines account for more than 80% of the total accidents. In other words, the proportion of safety accidents caused by human factors is very high. Therefore, safety first has always been the tenet of every production and processing enterprise. As a wire crimping machine manufacturer, what matters should we pay attention to when operating the benchtop wire crimping machine to reduce the risk of operation?
First of all, for the workers who use the benchtop wire crimping machine for the first time, it is necessary to operate under the guidance of experienced personnel. It is strictly forbidden for those who do not understand the operation to operate the benchtop wire crimping machine without permission. When using the benchtop wire crimping machine for the first time, be sure to read the operation instructions of the wire crimping machine. Familiar with the specific procedures of wire crimping machine.
Second, the designated person installs the knife. Before installing the knife, you must manually compare whether the selected blade is matched or not. The knife can be installed after the comparison is correct. After the knife is installed, you must use the hand to shake for test, first of all, turn off the benchtop wire crimping machine, press mold adjusting button, use a dedicated wrench to manually shake the main driven roller to maximize the crimping stroke of the benchtop wire crimping machine. If your hand cannot shake it, consider whether the pressure is too large or other problems, check and debug it to OK. Before operation, check the lock screws and confirm that they are not loose.
Third, when replacing the terminal, the power supply must be cut off first, and then the replacement operation should be carried out. It is strictly forbidden to replace the terminal during the operation of the machine.
Finally, after the completion of production, the good products and waste defective products should be sorted out, and the environmental sanitation around the machine should be cleaned up. Ensure that the next time the wire crimping machine is used, it will not cause safety accidents due to the residue of leftovers.

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