That’s why more and more manufacturers choose automatic wire stripping machine? Let your hands free!
The appears of automatic wire cutter stripper is completely solved heavy work of manually stripping the insulation of wire, simplied a lot of tedious work, effectively improve the work,the emerge of computerized wire cutting stripping machine and automated wire cutter stripper makes the efficiency of the work continuously improve accuracy. we summarize the overall performance advantage of automatic wire cutter stripper with the following points.

1.) full function of automatic wire stripping machine is faster, more accurate, can be arbitrarily set wire length, number of wire head, diameter and production, with a full stripping, short stripping and other features.

2.) free from the high -frequency automatic wire stripping machine stripping length is automatically set to automatically peel the insulation for different diameter wire,skimming occasionally imperfect situation.

3.) high stripping strength of large diameter wire in epidermal efficiency, stripping large diameter cable understandable, automatic, fast, convenient manual stripping wire is to make insulation more time-saving , although in some special circumstances and specific construction jobs do not have access.

4.) good auxiliary function automatic wire stripping machine can be achieved half-stripping and medium-stripping function on silicone rubber wire,fiberglass wire and other wire,and can quickly switch wire stripping specifications and dimensions,and unexpected situations arise during operation can be achieved downtime,more secure.

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