This automatic hot & cold strip cutter is mainly composed of four parts: microcomputer control, automatic feeding mechanism, belt feeding mechanism and cutting mechanism. The microcomputer control is used to collect set values and send control signals from control center. Automatic feeding mechanism is used for automatic feeding, it is composed of a fixed bracket, an AC motor and a controller. The fixed bracket is used to fix the disk-shaped material and is driven by an AC motor. The controller is used to control the motor to complete the automatic feeding action.

The automatic strip cutter mechanism is used to feed the sheared material into the knife edge for cutting. It is composed of two rubber rollers, of which the upper roller is a driven roller, which can be rotated and fixed on a bracket, which can be elastically elastic relative to the frame. Section, it adjusts the pressure between the two rollers, the lower roller is fixed to the frame, and is driven to rotate by a stepping motor, the pressure between the upper and lower rollers causes the material to be fed with the rotation of the lower roller, and the amount of The purpose of the delivery. The cutting mechanism is used to cut the material. It consists of a driving mechanism and upper and lower blades. The upper blade is driven by a motor to complete the cutting action. This action is also used as the basis for cutting off counting. In this way, under the control of the microcomputer controller, the various departments coordinate work, and the cutting system can automatically complete the cutting function without unmanned operation.

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