1. full digital intelligent wire stripper’s button setting for wire full stripping, semi stripping is easy and fast.
2. servo motor control actions such as wire cutting, stripping makes cutting length more accurate.
3. Collocation with splitting machine to split cut and strip flat cable, full digital intelligent wire stripper can improve production efficiency.
4. the best characteristics for technical adjustment few, press wire less, adjust time short, simple and easy to operate.
5. speed can be divided into three sections, can be set according to the wire specification, thick and thin wires can be stable production.
6. full digital intelligent wire stripper is a full automatic wire stripping machine that speedy cutting, both-ends stripping, single-end stripping and semi stripping.
7. stripping length and cutter depth adopt fine-tuning way to make it easy and fast.
8. abnormal automatically shut down and report on man-machine interface to eliminate failures quickly and reduce downtime.

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