A brief introduction to the problems and solutions of several computerized wire stripping machines
Computerized wire stripping machine is widely used at the end of the wire processing equipment, to wire and cable factory is essential, the performance of computerized wire stripping is directly related to the production efficiency. Understanding of the production process of the machine, and how to solve the problem is particularly important. The following are the common problems and solutions of the computerized wire stripping machine:

1, computerized wire stripping machine is easy to cut off copper wire? the main reason is the knife value is too small. Solution: you need to increase the value of the knife, knife value adjustment range should be based on your existing wire to be fixed.

2, when the machine starts the alarm sound, please check whether the parameters are set correctly, please note that the top left corner of the LCD frequency will be prompted, please refer to the tips on the figures, control manual correction.

3, computerized wire stripping machine cannot strip the insulation? main reason for the knife is too large. Need to adjust the knife can be used, the roller pressure is too small, you need to adjust the pressure can be; upper and lower roller gap greater than the wire, the need to be transferred to less than the heart line can be; if the blade to damage, or wear a new tool is required.

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