This pneumatic cable stripping machine is specialized for stripping insulation of core wires.

  • 3F Multi Conductor Cable Wire Stripping Machine

    This 3F pneumatic wire stripper is a bench top  multi conductor wire stripping machine specialized for removing insulations of multicore wires 32awg-18awg of power cord, shielded wire, data cable, telephone cable,ethernet cable,ribbon cable and etc, it can be full and patrial stripping, easy to change blade and operation.

  • 3FA Thermal Wire Stripper For Braided Cable Sleeving

    This 3FA pneumatic thermal braided cable sleeve stripper is a thermal wire stripper for braided cable sleeving and high temperature wire clear without nylong string, single or double cutters are optional.

  • 3FN Pneumatic Multi Conductor Cable Wire Stripping and Twisting Machine

    This 3FN air-operated multi conductor cable wire stripping and twisting machine is a bench top pneumatic wire stripper and twister used for peeling insulations of multicore wires of power cord, shielded wire, data cable, telephone cable,ethernet cable,ribbon cable and etc. available for 18awg to 32awg wire, wire diameter 1.8mm above also apply with this machine.

  • Pneumatic H05VV-F Cable Stripping Machine

    This pneumatic H05VV-F cable stripping machine is suitable for simultaneous peeling pvc outer sheath and pvc insulations of TTR multi conductor cable, such as, data cable, power cord and etc, more convenient for adjusting stripping length, comparing to manual cable peeling tool, it will save human labor and easy operation.

  • Pneumatic Multi Conductor Cable Jacket Stripping Machine

    This pneumatic multi conductor cable jacket stripping machine, a specialized wire stripper on jacket of multi conductor cable, such as, AC/DC cable, computer cord, power cord and etc.

  • Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

    This rotary coaxial cable stripping machine is mainly used for processing coaxial cable and special single wire, using the most advanced rotating turret, to improve the accuracy and speed.

    Use of specific tools and rotary axis positioning device, and can strip up to 9 layers without changing the blade corresponds to the processing of various sizes and sheath wire, and is equipped with freely set controller modular, digital display cutting diameter.