• Automatic Wire Cut Strip Tin Dip Soldering Machine

    This automatic wire cut strip tin dip soldering machine has automatic wire feeding, wire cutting, double-end peeling, double-end twisting, double-end tinning and 8 wires can be processed at the same time, has the function of automatic smoking, which can reduce the harm of flux smoke to human body and can automatically send tin wire, the insulations can be automatically collected in the bag after stripping, the operation screen KINCO7 inch all Chinese/English version, the computer turns the knife, does not need the pad gasket, controlled by computer, including wire length, stripping, stripping length, tin dipping depth, etc.

  • Fully Automatic Double-ends Wire Cut Strip Twist Dip Soldering Machine

    Characteristic description:
    1. Exquisite, compact design, excellent idea, small area;
    2. Modular design makes shunting maintenance more advantageous than traditional mechanical maintenance. Any parameters such as Chinese and English operation menu, wire cutting length, wire stripping length, wire twisting length, wire tinning depth, wire tinning time can be adjusted on the screen. It is easy to learn and use, and the replacement process and materials is quick,saving time and labor. It makes up for the difficulties of traditional machine requiring professional master and adjusting machine, instable performance and so on.

  • Fully Automatic Five Wires One-end Strip Crimp One-end Strip Twist Tinning Machine

    Fully automatic five wires one-end strip crimp one-end strip twist tinning machine is computerized numerical control debugging: knife size, cutting length, stripping length, flux depth, tin depth, all realize digital touch screen operation. its functions: Wire cutting, single-end stripping, double-ends stripping, single-end crimping, single-end twisting, single-end tinning (optional opening and closing)

  • Semi-Automatic H05VV-F Corewire Stripping Tinning Machine

    This H05VV-F dip soldering machine integrates the functions of wire separation, stripping, twisting, tinning and neat cutting , can be completed in one time, saving 4 working positions compared with the original working mode, saving manpower, stable quality, safe and simple operation, high efficiency.

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