We are wire crimping and splicing machines supplier in China, providing various of wire crimping machines and wire splicing machines.

  • 1.8T Benchtop Wire Splicing Machine

    This semi-automatic wire splice machine is specially designed for wire riveting processing, pressing riveting and wire connection. It has replaced the traditional soldering methods to avoid faults of no cold welding, air welding and air pollution. It is widely admitted to be the most simple and effective way.


  • Automatic Wire Cable Coiling Cum Tying Machine

    This Automatic Wire Cable Coiling Cum Tying Machine is equipped with stepper motors, adopted PLC touch screen to control cable tie length, automatic cut the cable tie and twist it. The strapping speed and strapping cycle are both adjustable. This machine is widely used to process AC/DC power cord, USB data cable, video cable, HDMI cable, and other types of transmission line.