Product features of automatic tubing cutter for pvc flexible conduit:
(1) High-speed automatic feeding, controlled by a microcomputer program with an accuracy of 0.1mm; 30,000 short materials can be cut per hour
(2) In automatic or manual operation, it can feed forward or backward, and it can be cut off manually;
(3) It has the function of forward and backward, automatic counting, stop when the number is reached, and save memory function when power is off
(4) The cutting speed of the computerized pipe cutting machine is adjustable, and the LCD display is in Chinese;
(5) The cutting length and speed of the computerized pipe cutting machine are continuously adjustable;
(6) Computerized pipe cutting machine automatic grouping accumulation and total accumulation counting;
(7) Batch pause and delay time can be set;
(8) It will automatically shut down when there is no material and no one is on duty;
(9) It can automatically cut all kinds of sheet and tube materials; there is a feeding belt wheel installed at the back of the machine, which can be automatically suitable for the disc placement and feeding of strip coils.
(10) The high-speed stepping motor precisely controls the cutting length; the length and speed of the belt are adjustable;
(11) Cutting time protection of the computerized pipe cutting machine; total number setting; splitting setting; splitting pause time adjustable;
(12) The computerized pipe cutting machine is equipped with various manual operations, which is convenient for debugging;
(13) Computerized pipe cutting machine LCD large screen intuitive Chinese display, simple and convenient operation;
(14) The use of special mechanical structure and special tools, coupled with special software control, to achieve flat cut and accurate length.

Application industry of automatic tubing cutter for pvc flexible conduit:

Applicable to the electronics industry, auto and motorcycle parts industry, electrical appliances, motors, clothing, toys, transformers and other industries, such as hook and loop tape, cotton yarn tape, elastic tape, plastic tape, zippers, PVC sleeve, PE tube, heat shrinkable sleeve, silicone Tube, yellow wax tube, glass fiber tube, Teflon casing, rubber tube, cable, enameled wire, small wire, conductive cloth, foam, Velcro, battery separator, nickel sheet, diffusion sheet, reflective film, Mylar , Insulation paper, barley paper, copper/aluminum foil, release paper cut copper sheet, aluminum sheet, plastic sheet, infusion tube, mica sheet, self-adhesive paper, electrode, double-sided tape, nickel tape, copper tape, tab , Fast paper, non-woven fabric, acetate cloth, cotton yarn tape, elastic band and other kinds of tube tape pieces, etc.

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