• JY-160S2 Plastic Injection Molding Machine

    This plastic injection molding machine takes the advantages of low noise, stable pressure, power saving and high efficiency to produce plastic products which is suitable for all kinds of plugs, stationery, toys, LED light, cellphone shell,daily necessities and other injection molding series.

  • Vertical Injection Moulding Machine JY-200ST JY-250ST

  • Vertical Injection Moulding Machine YS-250STDM

    1.) the JY-ST series installed dual-mode alternately slide, two lower mold sliding around on a plane, a molding, a mold insert on the outside to do the work, while a cutter tooth function. There can produce helicity of the products, but also greatly improve the safe operation efficiency, finished top of the completed (dual-mode stand alone thimble) externally.

    2.) the tube can lift, clean and convenient material head, fixed mold easier.