0.1-10 SQMM Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

This 0.1-10 sqmm automatic wire cutting stripping machine is a fully automatic wire stripper machine for stranded wire that can precise cut and full or partial strip hookup wire, pvc wire, electric wire, teflon wire,multi-step stripping, batch processing, greatly increase productivity, set parameters then press start, unmanned working.

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Model No.

SWT508E SWT508-JE SWT508-JE2


AC220/ 50HZ


Rated 300W

Rated 500W



Cutting Length

1-9999 mm

Stripping Length (mm)

Wire Head 0-35

Wire Tail 0-15

Wire Head 0-50

Wire Tail 0-50

Cutting Tolerance

± (0.002xL)mm

± (0.002xL)mm

± (0.001xL)mm

Middle Stripping

11 sections

16 sections

Cut core cross-section

0.1-8 SQMM

0.2-10 SQMM

Catheter Max. Diameter



Appropriate Wire

PVC Wire, Teflon Wire, Glass Wire

PVC Wire, Teflon Wire, Glass Wire,

Multistrand steel wire

Blade Material

Hard Tungsten Steel





Drive Mode

4 Wheels

0.1-10 SQMM Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine Working Vedio:

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