1.5T Ribbon Cable Crimping Machine

This 12k crimps/hour 1.5T ribbon cable crimping machine can replace the OTP transverse die arbitrarily,simpler than the old model, fast debugging,output can reach 12000 pcs per hour. It adopts new NC debugging parameters and LCD display. It eliminates the steps of difficult mold adjusting, and has exquisite design,greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves production efficiency and effectively controls the undesirable rate. Easy operation and free maintenance.

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1.5T Ribbon Cable Crimping Machine Working Vedio:

Technical Parameter

Power Source: Single Phase 220VAC/ 50/60HZ,10A

Display: Chinese/English (English refers to user manual)
Total Power:550W
Cylinder Pressure:0.4-0.7MPa(adjustable)
Working Efficiency: 12000 crimps/hour(cauculated as 12Pins above ribbon cable)
Appropriate Wire: 0.8-2.0mm,AWG20-28,
Red Blue White FBC(2468),Grey FBC(2651),Color FBC and etc 2-40pins
Cutting Length:>70mm
Ribbon Cable Split Length: 30mm
Crimping Strength: 1.5T

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