Affordable wire stripper for multicore sheath cables up to 12mm diameter

This affordable wire stripper for multicore sheath cables up to 12mm diameter聽adopts the latest 32-bit intelligent control system, Chinese and English switching LCD display, touch screen operation, can store 100 pieces of information, and can be called at any time, with fast efficiency and convenience. High end configuration, high precision, error free length, high output. It is a fully automatic cutting stripping machine that outer jacket and insulation of core wires can be simultaneously cut and stripped, which is applicable to lamp cable, power cord, flat power cord and USB data cable.

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Model No.: JT508

Display: Chinese/English (can be optional)

Information Saving Volume: 100 pieces

Processing Wire Range: Cable Diameter 12mm, Qty of core wires: Max. 8 pieces

Stripping length of wire head: 0.1-250mm

Stripping length of wire tail: 0.1-100mm

Cutting Length: can be Arbitrarily adjusted.

Inlet and outlet wire: adjusted by machine

Main Board Type: Motion Controlling Board

Driving Mode: Crawler drive

Net weight: 105KG

Dimension: 930x420x370mm

Main Configuration:


Standard Optional
Blade High-Speed Steel Blade Tungsten Steel Blade
Feeding roller Iron heat treatment Knurled rubber wheel
LCD Display Chinese/English switch
Working power supply AC220V/50-60Hz AC110V
Conduit diameter 脴4 脴8 脴10 脴12 Others
Catheter swing Yes
Auto-alarm for wire missing Yes
Motor type: Hybrid stepping motor
Intermediate cut Yes
Twisted wire method No twisting wire function
Wire pressure regulator Yes
Wire straightener Yes
Cooling fan Yes
Inching manual commissioning Yes
Cylinder Yes
Counter Yes
Fixed quantity and time Yes



1. This machine is suitable for processing multi-core power cord聽and special single-core聽wire;

2. wire cutting, stripping jacket, stripping core wire and other complex work order can be completed on the machine, to maximize the saving labor costs and improve processing quality;

3. The mobile blade holder, cutting, stripping were used different tools to complete, cut neatly, stable stripping quality;

4.聽Up to 100 groups of storage capacity, so that a variety of data processing intact, retrieved at any time!

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