Automatic Cut Open Corrugated PVC Water Suction Hose Cutting Feeding Rack Integrated Machine

Automatic cut open corrugated pvc water suction hose cutting machine is specially designed for the development of bellows in automotive wiring harness, new energy wiring harness and other industries. It has high precision, flat cut, fast speed and integrated production.

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Product advantages:
(1) adopts high-speed, high-precision microprocessor controller, fast, stable and durable
(2) adopts frequency conversion motor feeding, accurate feeding
(3) Integrated circuit is adopted, which is stable in control and simple in maintenance.
(4) Using PLC touch screen, all kinds of datas are apparent to the eye.
Automatic Cut-Open Corrugated PVC Water Suction Pipe Cutting Feeding Integrated Machine
Working Vedio:

Technical parameters:

Model LL-20D
Cutting Length: 10-999999mm
Control System – Touch Screen PLC
Pipe release system:  frequency conversion motor, displacement sensor
Power supply: AC220V 50/60Hz
Dimension:1450 (W) x 700 (L) x 1500 (H) mm

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