Automatic H05VV-F Multi Conductor Cable Stripping Machine

This h05vv-f multi conductor cable stripping machine automatically cut and strip outer jacket and pvc insulations of h05vv-f 2/3/4 core cable, not hurt core copper wires,100 different programs can be saved for calling anytime. Easy operation, unmanned and good performance.

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Automatic H05VV-F Multi Conductor Cable Stripping Machine Working Vedio:

Technical parameter:

Machine dimension:700mm×660mm×430mm
Voltage:220V/110V 50/60HZ
Operation interface:English/Chinese(Using 7 Inch Touch Screen)
Processing outer diameter of round sheath line:3-10 mm
Machinable core number:2cores、3cores、4cores
Gas pressure:0.3-0.6Mpa
Maximum diameter of conduit:Diameter 11
Peeling accuracy:±0.2mm
Cutting length:Maximum 400m
Stripping length of outer line:20-150mm
Stripping length of core line:Front end 3-10MM,Rear end 3-30MM
Material of cutting tools:4 pieces of knife are made of high speed steel.
Productivity(200mm Length per unit):650pcs/hour
Drive system:8 rollers Electric machinery ball screw driver

If your wire is flat sheathed cable, you can choose our fully automatic sheath cable wire stripping machine.


Technical Support
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