Automatic PVC Water Suction Hose Cutting Machine

Automatic pvc water suction hose cutting machine is specially designed for cutting hot air ducting tube and steel wire tube, with high efficiency and stability, and even cut.

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Product advantages:
(1) PLC touch screen control, simple and easy to understand
(2) Servo motor and stepper motor control, stable feeding, accurate length.
(3) The circuit adopts integrated circuit, which has stable control and simple maintenance.
Automatic PVC Water Suction Hose Cutting Machine Working Vedio:

Technical parameters:

Model LL-20A
Display mode 7 inch color touch screen
Suitable Types: Armored Tube, Steel Wire Tube, Drawing Pipe, etc.
Cutting length 0.1mm-99999.99mm
Cutting tolerance less than 0.5 + 0.002*L (L = cutting length)
Maximum diameter of catheter 30mm
Blade Material:Tungsten Steel
Productivity 100-3000PCS/h (depending on pipe material)
Driving mode: 16 wheels drive (silent hybrid stepper motor, servo tool holder)
Feeding method: Belt feeding

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