Efficient cable stripper for 35 mm2 BVR cable

This fully automatic efficient cable stripper for 35 mm2 BVR cable uses a hybrid drive microcomputer control system of the whole LCD screen, in the processing range can be arbitrarily set the length of the cutting wire,stripping length,quantitive, time to start function,manufacturing for large square wire cable,especially for processing of the automotive,power distribution box (BV cable,BVR cable).

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Technical Parameters

Model No.: BJ-900

Function: Wire cut, both-ends strip, multi-step
Cutting Wire Core: 0.355-5.6mm/27awg-3awg/0.1-25 sqmm
Cutting Wire Core: Up to BV 4.5mm/5awg/16sqmm Up to BVR 6.3mm/2awg/35sqmm
Production/Speed: 1000-4000 pcs/hour (decided by wire type)
Cutting Length: 0.1mm-99999.9mm
Multi-step Strip: 13 steps
Stripping Length: Strip front 0.1-50mm Strip rear 0.1-30mm
Accuracy of inlet outlet motor: Mute Hybrid Stepping Motor 0.1mm per step
Remark Function: Auto-outlet, Auto-inlet, Timing start
Driving Mode: 4 wheels
Dimension: 420X297x345MM
Net weight: 35KG
Blade material: Import tungsten steel/Highspeed steel

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