Full or Partial Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

This full or partial automatic wire stripping machine for stripping wire from 32AWG to 14AWG uses a hybrid drive microcomputer full LCD operating system, cutting, stripping, one time completion, but also the front half stripping with twisted wire, protect the integrity of the wire, special wire can instantly change the size of wire specifications.

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Model No. BJ-600 BJ-650 BJ-800 BJ-880
Main Function Cut wire,both-ends stripping Cut wire,both-ends stripping,intermediate strip, (wire twisting for BJ-880)
Cutting wire core









Processing Speed(decided by wire material)

2000-8000 pcs/hour

4000-16000 pcs/hour

2000-8000 pcs/hour

Cutting Length


No. Of Intermediate Stripping



Stripping Length

Strip head: 1-30mm

Strip tail: 0.1-15mm

Strip head: 1-30mm

Strip tail: 0.1-30mm

Strip head: 1-50mm

Strip tail: 0.1-30mm

Strip head: 1-30mm

Strip tail: 0.1-20mm

Accuracy of outlet inlet motor

Mute hybrid stepping motor 0.1mm per stepping

Other functions

Automatic wire inlet & outlet, timing

Driving Mode

4 wheels

Dimension(mm) 380x250x320 420x297x345 420x297x345 420x297x345
Net Weight 25 28 32 35
Blade Material

Import Tungsten Steel/High speed steel

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