Fully Automatic HDPE Pipe Rotary Cutting Machine

This Fully Automatic HDPE Pipe Rotary Cutting Machine has the advantages of no chipping, no noise, low power, etc. It has obvious advantages compared with the lifting knife cutting machine. It has the advantages of energy saving, no waste of raw materials, low cost and manual processing burr, which is the first choice for business cutting equipment.

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Fully automatic HDPE pipe rotary cutting machine working vedio:聽

Applicable materials: PE, PC, PP, PVC, ABS, PS, PET tubes, Textile Braided Rubber Hose and etc.


1.) Precise control of length, size can easily be changed with fixture.

2.) With plastic extruder automatic cutting, without manual guarding.

3.) No chipping, smooth incision.

4.) No indentation, no scratches, no deformation;

5.) Diameter from10mm to 100mm 聽can be customized.

6.) Thickness of pipe from 0.5mm to 6mm can be cut without chips.

7.) Special pipe can be assigned with special devices and cutting tools.

8.) Design for different specifications and different materials, flexibility, fast processing.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply: 220V / 360V 450W

Weight: 70kg

Speed: automatic speed, step-less聽speed

Maximum cutting tube: 100mm

Cut-off length: 3mm-1000mm (or longer)

Appearance size: 1300x800x1100 (mm)


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