Fully Automatic Nylon Cable Ties Wire Tying Machine

1. bulk nylon cable ties realize automatic feeding,eliminate the trivial process of manual discharging;
2. automatically insert the lock tie, and automatically cut the tie,save time and effort,at least can increase the work efficiency by more than 4 times;
3. suitable for the length of the cable tie:80MM.
4. the automatic nylon cable ties wire tying machine is PLC program controls circuit,good performance,easy to operate,set and run related parameter values ​​can be displayed directly on the LCD screen,clear,intuitive,high degree of automation,good coherence,fast,the tightness of the cable tie can be set freely,intelligent automation,just put the wrapped material on the cable tie,the foot switch control,cable strapping can be completed in one second, replace the hand tie,solve The tie of the hand straps is not neat,the line size is different,and the speed is slow.Reducing loss from manual processing and reducing people’s fatigue,this equipment can save more than 30% of the labor force,significantly improve work efficiency,and solve the difficulties of employment.(If you have other special requirements,please contact us to customize the required functions)

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Widely used in wire harness,electronic connecting line,sensor industry,micro-motor industry,braided mesh tube,casing,casing bending and re-bending,motor coil tie-belt, (AC/DC cable,headphone cable,mouse cable,keyboard cable,power cord),home appliances,cables,electronics,toys,gifts,food and other industries and various parts.it is intimated in the factory with large amount of bundles,completely solving the problem of low production efficiency of cable ties.

Model No.:HWN-80 (customized by cable tie)

Power:AC220V 50/60HZ

Rated Power:100W

Cable Tie
Dimensions (LxWxH):1350x550x810(mm)

Total Weight:260KG

Bundling diameter reference table

Nylon Cable Ties Length (mm)
 Max. Tying Diameter Of Cable Bundle (mm)

Fully automatic nylon cable ties wire tying machine working vedio:

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