Multi Conductor Cable Wire Stripper Crimper Machine

This CM-A201 benchtop multi conductor cable wire stripper crimper machine adopt microcomputer control, reduced noise and energy conservation, is fully competent for stripping multi conductor cables of power cord, shielded wire and so on. highly efficient and free maintenance for longterm.

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Product features
1) Mainly suitable for computer core wire,shielding wire,telephone cable, ribbon cable,USB data cable,power cord,headphone cable,audio cable and other multi-core wire.
2.) Stripping and crimping terminals can be completed in one operation, and the stripped insulation can be eliminated by air blow installation.
3.) Fast, 0.2 seconds to complete the crimping, greatly improving the work efficiency.
4.) Low noise, pedal, motor work, no pedaling no working, reduced the noise from motor rotation and mechanical clutch and electromagnetic collision.
5.) High-speed control, full use of microcomputer control, accurate realization of wide-width speed regulation, accurate positioning and other basic functions
6.) Energy conservation.
7.) Long-term maintenance-free, using electrical control instead of mechanical clutch or electromagnetic clutch, effectively eliminating the rigid machanical extrusion to reduce machine wear and tear.
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