• Automatic Hot knife Cutter For Webbing Ribbon Velcro

    This HZX-998S hot knife cutter is a fully automatic benchtop hot cutting machine for cutting webbing, ribbon, tape, elastic band, velcro, sealed neatly with fraying, auto-stops when material depleted.

  • Automatic Loose Terminal Rail Feed Wire Crimping Machine

    This Vibrator Bowl Insulated Crimp Ring Terminal Wire Terminating Machine, using high-tech frequency conversion technology, precise electronic positioning, when pressing, the motor working noise is smaller than the traditional terminal machine, and power saving, mode adjustment is more convenient and fast, to avoid common faults such as traditional terminal clutch, electromagnet and so on.

  • Automatic PVC Water Suction Hose Cutting Machine

    Automatic pvc water suction hose cutting machine is specially designed for cutting hot air ducting tube and steel wire tube, with high efficiency and stability, and even cut.

  • Automatic ribbon cable cutter and stripper for 2-12 pin cables with wire tail up to 20mm

    This automatic flat ribbon cable strip cut split machine which is an fully automatic ribbon cable separator cutter stripper that cut & strip & split-to-length on ribbon cable, both-ends stripping, split ribbon cable into individual conductors, change parameters to split different length, no need to change conductor splitter, easy and unmanned operation.

  • Automatic Thermal Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

    The tool holder of automatic thermal wire stripping equipment is specially treated and its heating temperature can reach 400 centigrade, can be touched by hand. The adopted import heating tube, which its temperature can be up to 450 centigrade, works normally. The heating gasket is made of titanium alloy, which is free of rust, corrosion and oxidation, so as to solve the problem of blades replacement.

  • Automatic Ultrasound Label Roll To Sheet Cutter

    This automatic ultrasound label roll to sheet cutter imported ultrasonic generator and panasonic electronic eye for positioning and color trace, using ultrasonic shearing, the incision is complete and beautiful, the cutting edge is neat and flat, no hairy edge, no loose edge, the shearing effect is excellent.

  • Automatic Wire Cable Coiling Tying Machine

    This Automatic Wire Cable Coiling  Tying Machine is equipped with stepper motors, adopted PLC touch screen to control cable tie length, automatic cut the cable tie and twist it. The winding speed and winding cycle are both adjustable. This machine is widely used to process AC/DC power cord, USB data cable, video cable, HDMI cable, and other types of transmission wire.

  • Automatic Wire Cut Strip Tin Dip Soldering Machine

    This automatic wire cut strip tin dip soldering machine has automatic wire feeding, wire cutting, double-end peeling, double-end twisting, double-end tinning and 8 wires can be processed at the same time, has the function of automatic smoking, which can reduce the harm of flux smoke to human body and can automatically send tin wire, the insulations can be automatically collected in the bag after stripping, the operation screen KINCO7 inch all Chinese/English version, the computer turns the knife, does not need the pad gasket, controlled by computer, including wire length, stripping, stripping length, tin dipping depth, etc.

  • Automatic wire cutting and stripping machine with shortest insulation length for AWG16 to AWG32 wires

    This most advanced electronic product has more compact structure design, more wires can be processed, and higher precision. All debugging actions are completed in the LCD panel.  automatic wire cutting and stripping machine with shortest insulation length for AWG16 to AWG32 wires efficiency is more than 30% faster than the traditional model. According to the requirements, the cutting speed can be adjusted (0-9 level) to complete the three sectors stripping requirements.

  • Automatic Wire Stripper Machine For Copper Scrap

    This automatic wire stripper machine for copper scrap has multiple stripping channels for different wire sizes, you only need to put the wires into a suitable channel, the upper blade and bottom blade will slash open the outside insulation respectively, then the inner copper can be taken out easily.

  • Automatic Wire Stripping Machine For Max 150 Square MM Cable

    BJD804 fully automatic wire stripping machine specialized for cable manufacturing and processing, max cutting cable for 150 Sq.mm, this machine is suitable for BV,BVR cable cutting used in power station, electric meter box and automobile industry, car charging column and etc.

  • Automatic Wire Threading Stripping Ferrule Crimping Machine

    Automatic wire threading stripping ferrule crimping machine crimping tubular terminals is mainly aimed at international standards, this replacement of terminals is convenient and fast by means of vibrating disc feeding.  the complex process can be simplified, and the overall efficiency is 3-4 times as high as the original, which has a greater cost advantage; the trumpet shape is adopted in the line extension part to make threading convenient. It adopts sensitive pneumatic induction control and quick crimping. Imported components, cylinder, stable performance.

  • Automotive Wire Harness Tape Wrapping Machine

    Using a rotary design, this automotive wire harness tape wrapping machine can wind different wire harnesses to achieve various winding modes, including spot winding, full winding, and pattern winding. It features high speed, reliable movement, and eliminates the drawbacks of unstable braking, easy wear and tear, and high noise levels found in older machines. This machine is suitable for industries that require peripheral tape winding for wire harnesses, such as automobiles, motorcycles, and electronic wires.

  • Battery cable stripping machine for automotive industry

    This battery cable stripping machine for automotive industry uses a hybrid drive microcomputer control system of the whole LCD screen, in the processing range can be arbitrarily set the length of the cutting wire,stripping length,quantitive, time to start function,manufacturing for large square wire cable,especially for processing of the automotive,power distribution box (BV cable,BVR cable), can customize to process wire diameter 10mm/3/0gauge/80sqmm wire.

  • Benchtop Wire Stripping Crimping Press

    This benchtop wire stripping crimping machine is used for usb cable, power cord, headset cord, audio cable stripping and crimping.

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