• Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

    1. The semi-automatic coaxial cable stripping machine is suitable for peeling all kinds of flexible and semi-flexible coaxial wires, charging pile cables, medical wires, etc. in the medical and automotive industries in the communications industry.
    2. Man-machine interface, easy to understand and operate, can strip up to 9 layers, and store up to 99 kinds of processing data;
    3. The design and exquisite structure of the rotary cutter head and the four-piece rotary cutter improve the stability of stripping and the working life of the cutter;
    4. The semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine adopts servo motor, precision ball screw and multi-point motion control system, with stable and efficient performance.
    5. The cutter is coated with imported tungsten steel and titanium alloy, which is sharp and durable;
    6. The semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine can meet the special requirements of multi-layer stripping, multi-segment stripping and automatic continuous starting.
    7. Continuous innovation has been made on the original models, the functions and structure are more user-friendly, and the performance is more powerful.

  • Rotary Pipe Cutting Machine

    Rotary pipe cutting machine is specially designed for the development of bellows in automotive harness, new energy harness and other industries, chipless cutting, no secondary processing.

  • Scrap Copper Recycling Wire Stripping Machine

    This model of scrap copper recycling wire stripping machine applies to most types of electric wires and cables, copper clad aluminum wires, steel wires, etc..
    Special for sing-core or two-core flat electrical wires.

  • Semi-Automatic H05VV-F Corewire Stripping Tinning Machine

    This H05VV-F dip soldering machine integrates the functions of wire separation, stripping, twisting, tinning and neat cutting , can be completed in one time, saving 4 working positions compared with the original working mode, saving manpower, stable quality, safe and simple operation, high efficiency.

  • Semi-Automatic H05vv-F Stripper Crimper Machine

    This semi-automatic h05vv-f stripper crimper machine is mainly used for: USB data cable, power cable, earphone cable, audio cable, stripping and crimping several core wires completed at one time, scrap insulations will be blown away by compressed air to ensure crimping depth 100% consistent. Use advanced CPU to control the precision of each action and improve the working efficiency.

  • Single Granule Terminal Crimping Machine

    This single granule Terminal Crimping Machine (benchtop wire crimping press) adopts high-tech inverter technology, electronic precision positioning, avoids traditional terminal crimping machine clutch electromagnet common failure.

  • Smart Plastic Bag Making Machine

    This automatic plastic bag making machine is suitable for sealing, bagging and wide usability of various plastic films, such as food packaging, medicine, daily cosmetics, local products, electrical originals, clothing, cultural relics, etc. Though small in size, it has powerful functions, such as length customization, quantity customization, speed customization and margin customization.

  • Ultra-high-speed Hot & Cold Color Trace Position Label Cutting Machine

    This fully automatic electric eye label cutting machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of printed label, woven label, pvc trademark, stickers trademark, after heating can be hot cut.

  • Wire Stripping Machine Cut Strip Twist Stranded Wire

    This wire stripping machine cut strip twist stranded wire is an automated THHN wire stripper twister machine for precise cut strip hookup wire and shortest twist 30mm, wire head stripping upto 35mm, wire tail stripping upto 20mm, wire 0.1 to 4.5sqmm is applicable.

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