Pneumatic H05VV-F Cable Stripping Machine

This pneumatic H05VV-F cable stripping machine is suitable for simultaneous peeling pvc outer sheath and pvc insulations of TTR multi conductor cable, such as, data cable, power cord and etc, more convenient for adjusting stripping length, comparing to manual cable peeling tool, it will save human labor and easy operation.

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This pneumatic TTR H05VV-F cable stripping machine is an air-operated power wire stripping machine for peeling pvc outer sheathed and insulations of TTR cable simultaneously, which increase the cable stripping productivity greatly, it’s easy operation and maintenance.

Pneumatic TTR H05VV-F Cable Stripping Machine Working Vedio:

Technical Parameters

Mode LL-500
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Size 220x360x220mm
Power 150W
Jacket Stripping Capacity 3-10mm
Core Wire Stripping Length 0-15mm
Jacket Stripping Length 0-90mm
Core Wire Stripping Capacity 1-8 PCS
Air Pressure 4-7KG
Weight 28KG

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