Pneumatic Multi Conductor Cable Jacket Stripping Machine

This聽pneumatic multi conductor cable jacket stripping machine, a specialized wire stripper聽on jacket of multi conductor cable, such as, AC/DC cable, computer cord, power cord and etc.

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Model No. LL-305 LL-310 LL-315 LL-330 LL-416 LL-520
Stroke 50mm 100mm 150mm 330mm 150mm 500mm
Stripping (Diameter) Max 7mm Max 12mm Max 18mm Max 20mm Max 25mm Max 40mm
Power Voltage

AC 110V/220V/60Hz/20Hz

Air Pressure


Force 31-73kg 49-115kg 84-196kg 84-196kg 165-300kg 400kg
Net.Weight 20KG 25KG 35KG 65KG 45KG 102KG
Size: mm 400x300x270 480x330x280 660x390x340 1100x550x450 615x425x375 900x700x600

Cutter Types & Options:

Stripping cutter 1 set (2 pieces), LL-305 will be equipped with flat cutter in default, other models with v-cutter in default, flat cutter suits for flat cable, v-cutter suits for wire diameter 4.0mm or less (may adjust聽 the size), round cutter suits for wire diameter 4.0mm above (diffirent wire size,diffirent round cutter size).

Please kindly provide your wire diameter and insulation thickness for choosing a suitable blade and model.

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