Smart Plastic Bag Making Machine

This automatic plastic bag making machine is suitable for sealing, bagging and wide usability of various plastic films, such as food packaging, medicine, daily cosmetics, local products, electrical originals, clothing, cultural relics, etc. Though small in size, it has powerful functions, such as length customization, quantity customization, speed customization and margin customization.

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1.) Length聽set聽freely
2.) quantity set聽freely
3.) speed聽set聽freely
4.) margin聽set聽freely
5.) sealing聽time聽set聽freely
6.) sealing聽temperature聽set聽freely
7.) simple聽operation
8.) time-saving聽and聽labor-saving

Model No.: HZX-160H 聽Brand: Fortune Sky
聽Power: 110V/220V AC 60hz/50hz 聽Weight: 58kg
聽Size: L510xW440xH400mm 聽Power:Min20W-Max220W
聽Cutting width:0-140mm 聽Cutting length:0.1-9999.9mm
聽Cutting speed: adjusted 聽Cutting tolerance: can be revised (system is 0.1mm)

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